Fired Heaters

Fully packaged fired heaters can be supplied to customer specifications, including:

Carbon steel outer casing
Internal insulation and refractory
External surface treatment
Radiant coils – ASME or PED 5500
Convection coils – ASME or PED 5500
Burner if required

Unusually, the contract for the two fired heaters for the Ormen Lange project, although oversize for normal shipping, was contracted for total build prior to delivery. We understand these units were the largest fully assembled fired heaters transported in this fully assembled state worldwide. This gave the client immense cost saving at site. CF Struthers could undertake this, due to our proximity to Hull Dock for direct shipping to Norway site. This meant site install was completed in a matter of 3 days including the air pre-heaters, which were also part of the contract.

Shipping dimensions of these giant heaters were 12m x 9m x 40m long, 410te each.

Radiant and convection tubing 6”NB. Pressure parts subject to 100% radiography prior to hydrostatic test.

Fired heaters

Images Above: Helical wound 6”NB radiant coils during fabrication and yard assembly. Pre insulated outer casing being assembled with the radiant coil

Fired Heaters

Images Above: One of two fired heaters for the Ormen Lange (Nyhamna) project load out. 2 x 1000te mobile cranes were used during the load out and the two fired heaters installed together with air pre-heaters.